Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our New Baby is...

We're excited to announce...

Our Little Bundle of Joy is going to be a...


Yay, we can't wait to meet you my sweet baby...

Love Your Family!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Announcing Our New Addition!

We have been wanting to add to our family for a little over a year now. After what felt like an eternity we found out we were expecting! When you least expect it or just don't think about it is when its happens! We were a bit surprised!!

We are hoping to add a girl to the Wells family but as we've always said, we really just want a happy healthy baby!! So far the pregnancy has been completely different from the boys!! We'll just have to wait, and see!! November 22 is our ultrasound, I hope he/she will cooperate!! My intuition with our boys came really early, I knew I was having a boy each time. This time around my intuition hasn't spoken to me. So I am going to be just as excited and surprised as all of you!!

~Baby #3~
Today: 13 Weeks

The big surprise is just how Birthday's will now run in our family! Hehehe. I can see the challenges now! I can't wait!!

Daddy: April 18
Mommy: December 3
Braydon: October 25
Grayson: March 2
Baby #3 Due: April 7

We feel so blessed to have our family growing in numbers, we feel especially blessed that the over all health of our children has been tip top! The challenges and experiences that come with having children are an absolute Blessing and Lesson in Life!! I can speak for my husband and myself and say, we wouldn't change anything in life, ever, ever, ever!!!
Mommy & Daddy LOVE you all Greatly!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hello Bloggers!


MCCALL one more time!

Don, the boys, and I just returned on this Labor day weekend from McCall. I must admit the beauty/comfort/vacation of McCall is our new family getaway. We had fun hiking, walking, shopping, and just sitting and viewing the beauty all around us. We were so excited to have the opportunity to ride the 'BrUnDaGe' ski lift. It was high, cold, and beautiful! What a great family memory we have created for the kids to talk about for a long time.

UTAH - Grandma & Grandpa FUN!

We were thrilled to meet up in Utah with all of my family! It feels like forever since we had all been together. We had a great time, enjoyed g-mas birthday, the 24th July parade, the Dinosaur Museum, and much more! The kids had fun playing all together and just being kids! I think G-ma and G-pa need to invest in five of those little four wheelers. hehe. Hint hint! We also had the amazing surprise that my brother Jeff and his family would be moving from Mesa, AZ. to Utah in a matter of weeks! I was THRILLED to say the least! I am so happy that my family is slowly moving closer to me. Since Jeff and Kat have officially moved, they love Utah, they are fitting in very well and of course adjusting well. All the kiddos in photo's are: Grayson, Braydon, Daigon, and Cobrin. With one on the way, Jessica and Jon's baby boy!

Summer FuN!

Here at the "Cool Wells" home we have enjoyed a FuN fIlLeD, SuN SpLaShIn', LuNcH StUfFiNg, FiSh SwImMiN', AdVeNtUrOuS sEaKiNg summer! We have had a blast keeping busy with all kinds of activities. Among were many surprises and thrills, but we continued to have fun and find more, up until the very last day. Granted we are still numbered in our warm days but we can see the end nearing! We are looking forward to playing in the "Snow" and the "Cool Down" winter offers for a while. I can't believe, I am looking forward to winter? Yes I am. I guess my time away from Arizona has paid off that I can NOW enjoy the beauty, coolness, and white all around me! I am admitting it, I LOVE Idaho! Four Season's totally rocks!

We branched out, tried it, loved it, weren't successful, will try again, at Gardening!
We did alright but we see there are a couple things we will do differently. We had a lot of Cucumbers, Carrots, Corn, and Zucchini, its just that they didn't always taste as they should!

I did mention surprises, right! Yep Grayson gave the whole family a nice long visit to the Dr's. Office, for stitches! Did I mention, I LOVE little boys!! He did a great job when they were workin' on him, he didn't cry at all! He is our tough, strong boy! I am going to guess, give us one more year and we'll be in there again, but this time its going to be a broken ?? My boys are dare devils. Oh boy!?
One little monkey jumping on the bed...Fell down and bumped his little chin, bonk! On the headboard and bit through his lip!


In July we had a lot of family in town, it was really nice seeing all of them for a short visit. We decided this 4th of July to head up to McCall and see the fireworks there. The kids love it! We played in the lake all day, then at night we enjoy a BIG beautiful fire work display! We stayed there about three days and just enjoyed the nice weather and water. It was a great family activity that we just might keep up every year on the fourth of July!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Greatest

Our visit with Great Grandma Wells; she is a beautiful, sweet woman! We love you Grandma!!
We don't have a lot time to go and visit so we try to visit once every six months or so...We have a lot of fun when we are there! We LOVE it because we have Grandma all to ourselves!
We were so pleased walking out of the house after a long visit she offered us her homemade "Chocolate Chip Cookies"
MMmmmm, Good!

April 2009
What I value the most about Great-Grandma Wells is her sweet compliments to me.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Hugs" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Anytime I am around, she will ask, where is Jamie for my Jamie hugs. She tells me I have the best hugs of all of em. I walk away telling myself that she enjoys them because we are the same height. Everyone else is the family is too tall to get a great hug from them. Its the same with my own husband, I stand on the couch to get a GOOD hug from him.